About The Power Page

ABOUT THE POWER PAGE:The POWER PAGE has been created to bring essential information into the handicapping process. Because every horse has some chance to win, place or show we rate the top 12 in each race.Horses in top form get preference and are marked with a STAR (*).

Horses that have a past performance take precedence over First Time Starters. (Sometimes we substitute a fast AE in place of a very slow horse.)

European horses take precedence over South American, South African, New Zealand and others.


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About The Power Page, General Information: The Power Page is designed as advanced information to supplement a player’s handicapping and not as a selection sheet. Because each horse has some chance to win or place or show, we rate each horse in the race. We list up to the 12 highest rated horses and/or all STAR horses in each race. STAR horse get preference. Horses that have raced have precedence over First-Time Starters.

Sometimes we substitute a fast A.E. for a slow horse in the body of the race. European Horses have precedence over South American, So. Africa, Australian , New Zealand and others About The Numbers ( PPN is Projected Power Number ): Each horse is rated (PPN) as if it is running alone and we assume a decent trip. The PPN is a HARD number for the horse to achieve and should be achieved or exceeded 1/3 of the time. The ratings are based upon the INTERNAL & FINAL SPEED FIGURES, known as Jerry J’s Performance Pages The ratings are more closely related to the most recent races a horse has run. Strict limits are applied to the projections so that you can relate them to other past performance material you are using. (See “About STAR Horses”). Horses returning from a layoff are “pegged” , conservatively.

I attempt to make a number for European Shippers, this should be thought of as “approximate” in nature as it is based upon comparisons and pars. About STAR Horses: Horses assigned a STAR when a horses past performances fall into one of the following categories, based upon my INTERNAL & FINAL SPEED FIGURES, known as Jerry J’s Performance Pages: Have a pattern, that suggest a strong chance to break out of the current form or “jump forward”.(Any horses in the ranking that is not in the top-3). Have a pattern that suggest extreme consistency (restricted to horses in top-3). In the case of first time starters, breeding or trainer inclination or workout pattern that indicates the horse has a chance to run its first time out ( I try not to STAR obvious “short-priced” first time starters, this is a “feel” type of analysis. We try to avoid marginal statistical information. NO clocker or insider information included.

ASSIGN your own STAR to any horse that you think is going to run forwardly according to your own handicapping. The early speed marks are based on 4 furlongs and not on the first 100 yards of the race. The off track notations are divided into proven wet track performers or potential wet track performers The horses that are proven on the WET GOING are assigned an “m” for moderate improvement or an “M” if they show dramatic improvement.. If a horse has NO experience or very limited experience on the WET GOING they may be assigned a “p” or “P” if they are moderately or extremely likely to improve, based upon my breeding analysis. Note if an “OFF-TRACK” condition is expected and considered when the ratings are done, we will include the natural WET TRACK improvement in the PPN. This if for “M or m” horses only! “P or p” horse are often excellent overlay on the WET GOING. Handicapping with the Power Page: It makes perfect sense for you to adjust these PPN’s, here are a few ideas: If you think the expected trip a horse will be getting is poor, then adjust the horses PPN’s down. If you think the post position is a big negative, then adjust the horses PPN down. If you believe a track bias exists and it will benefit your horse, increase the PPN slightly. If you believe it will hinder a horse chances, decrease it PPN significantly.

Any of your your own handicapping ideas should be given strong consideration and do not be afraid to modify the PPN to reflect your own ideas. Races less than 5.0 furlongs are not considered as races so far as this product is concerned. Horses that have only raced at distances less than 5.0 furlongs are still considered to be FIRST-TIME-STARTERS for the purposes of this product.