Jerry J’s PP-PLUS


“The Jerry J’s Power Page – PLUS” is our next product.

It will be breaking it’s maiden in early February.

The “Jerry J’s PP – PLUS”  is the Classic  Jerry J’s Power Page — PLUS the addition of Selections.

Why Information and Selections, rather than information only or selections only?  The answer is simple, the game is fluid and changing from the time anyone handicaps until the time you look at the odds board to consider a wager.  It’s just wrong to think in absolute terms.  A Top rated selection could be a perfectly good wager at 5/2, but an awful wager at EVEN money.  We see this over and over again.

So when you get a Contender’s List, with the top contender being the TOP RATED horse, it doesn’t mean you have a good wager yet.  After, looking at the Odds Board, considering the pricing on your  horse and others, you can use the information (below the line) to help you decide if you want to stop there or look for another option.

What about if there is a change in track condition, the Information shows Early Speed and Mud Marks.

What if the track bias becomes imbalanced and the Rail is dynamite or the Rail is bad…  Maybe this will cause you to want to Adjust the selection to match the condition!

What about exotic wagers?  Maybe today’s track is favoring front speed horse, so maybe you wish to find out if there is “potential loose speed” to make an exacta with, or a cool Longshot — denoted by our V or STAR horses — to build out your play.

I think this is the best of both worlds and well worth that added few bucks…