Newcomer’s #2

Heads up for Newcomers #2! 

What tools/information do you need to become a handicapper!

Here is what I take to the races each day…  1) My Jerry J’s Power Page (of course), 2) A great set of Speed Ratings (again, I make my own, but there are several good independent publishers), 3) the PP of your choice, I use the DRF ,  4) A good Selector (if you are doing Santa Anita, I am happy to recommend Jon Lindo)…

Why so much stuff…  Because, believe it or not, this is an information game and you can’t really learn the value or the use — if you do not have the info in front of you!  Once you have the information, you can start to learn how they work together.

Here is what you get from each…

  1. The Jerry J’s Power Page  —  you get an analysis of Current from — This is important because, the PPN is a  high impact piece of data that orders races remarkably well…and it’s not really available anywhere else.  So it’s a serious “advantage” and gives you a consistent place to consider each race from, so there is no zigging and zagging on method.
  2. The Jerry J’s Power page  —  you get Alerts on improving Form cycles, Early speed and handicapping alerts on possible long-shots (our V horses.)  This can be very important, because in the case of STAR horses, you are getting a look inside form cycles that takes years of study to begin to understand and in the case of Early speed alerts, when the track turns to “speed favoring” it’s nice to know if anyone has standout speed capability.  But as you go along, you will use this info for much more — for example — if you like a horse that you figure needs the early lead to win, and someone else has the “1” indicating the best early speed
  3. DRF….  it’s just the basics and they are excellent at all the basics.  I learned using the DRf and I still use it today and I pay them, not the other way around.  If you get the DRF for the day, you will see it’s really valueable!  However, I only look at my own Speed Figures.
  4. A good selector, such as Jon Lindo for So. Cal is really a good idea.  When they make a selection, you can start to look at the horse they select, with all your information and try to figure — what did they like about the horse.  It doesn’t matter if you guess right or wrong, as long as you start to make your own guesses and see the result.  It will take you awhile to get as good as Jon or myself or Pat or any other seasoned publisher of selections, but that’s exactly your goal.  And remember this, we all try as hard as possible and really care about our opinion and how our selections are viewed by the public.
  5. Another set of Speed figures, such as Ragozin or ThoroughGraph.  I think, this is something you can look out down the road, but if you can afford it, they are very helpful!  But not necessary.  There are many professional handicappers’ who would not play without them, but I also personally know several who do not use them.

Theses are the basic tools, and to be honest, it’s a bit expensive, so if your budget is not ready for this type of commitment, then you should definitely make certain you start with my Jerry J’s Power Page and the DRF!

This is a slow process that most of us love for a lifetime!  Remember, price is your friend.