The early speed marks are based on 4 furlongs and not on the first 100 yards of the race.
Horses that have only raced at distances less than 5.0 furlongs will be considered First Time Starters.

The off track notations are divided into proven wet track performers or potential wet track performers.

The horses that are proven on WET GOING are assigned an “m” for moderate improvement or an “M” if they show dramatic improvement. If a horse has little or no experience on the WET, they may be assigned a “p” or “P” if they are moderate to extremely likely to improve.

Take note if an OFF-TRACK condition is expected—we include the Natural Wet Track
improvements in the PPN. This is for “m” or “M” horses only.

“P” or “p” horses are often excellent overlays on the WET GOING.

All Weather Tracks do not get a wet track rating at this time.