Early Speed – “The 1 & 2”

The Early Speed designation is either a 1 or a 2.

When it comes to early speed, there are  different ways report early speed to the handicapper (you).  First the basics of the JJPP…

Horses assigned a “1 or 2” have shown in their most recent races the absolute FASTEST race to the 4 furlong mark, while contending for the lead.

Horses with the “1” designation tend to run their fastest in the first quarter mile, while horses with the “2” designation tend to show their best in the 2nd quarter mile.

In all cases, we are evaluating Early Speed based upon the 4 furlong (1/2 mile) — NOT ON THE FIRST 100 yards!

Back to how I report Early Speed, I  only list horses with clear early speed advantages, I am NOT attempting to settle subtle speed duel issues… As always, I am trying to Highlight Significant Advantages whenever they occur.