The Star and “V” horses

About the  STAR * Horses:

Horses assigned a STAR (*) fall into one of the following categories based on the INTERNAL and FINAL SPEED FIGURES published in Jerry J’s Performance Pages.

They have a pattern that suggests a strong chance to break out of the current form or “jump forward.”

They have a pattern that suggests extreme consistency (restricted to the top three horses).
In the case of a First Time Starter, breeding, training inclination or workout patterns that indicate the horse has a chance to run its first time out are all considered. (We do not use marginal statistical information or clocker/inside information. We try not to STAR obvious “short-priced” First Time Starters.)

Feel free to assign your own STAR to any horse that you feel is going to make a forward run according to your own handicapping ideas.

The “V” Horses:

The “V” designation is a handicapping alert.  It’s a horse, I think will be very long odds, who has a chance to surprise.  I think of the “V”s  as add-into my exotic wagers.  Surprisingly, they have produced a number of big priced winners, so don’t hesitate to use them on top in your exacta or trifecta reverses, at least for a little…  Unlike the STAR designation which is a direct “read” on my speed figures, the “V” designation is more of a handicapper’s feel type of thing.

This is the type of alert that really can make the “SOUP THICK”, as my Mom liked to say!