On Betting:  Instead of making a simple win wager, try making weighted exacta wheels.  Let’s say you are looking at betting a horse that is 5/1 on the tote board.  Look at the exacta probables and list all the prices of all the exactas with your horse on top.  Then modulate each wager putting a little more on the favorite and 2nd choice and any other horses you like and less on the horses you don’t like.  Add up the bets and you should have a range of payoff, from a high of 8/1 down to 2/1.  The richer payoffs with the underneath horses you like best and the weaker payoffs with the horses you don’t like.   The fav should be slightly better than the win price, unless you hate the favorite and then the exacta with the favorite should be less than the front-board win price!   This is not much work to make a big difference in your game…

(reprint from last week)

On Zenyatta : I have now become so enamored with Zenyatta, I consider her to be one of my 5 all time greatest racehorses. Since I started playing horses in 1976 and was only a casual observer before 1976, I simply don’t go back before that time. Also, I am only commenting on horses that have raced here in the USA. So before 1976 I am including Secretariat as one of my 5 greatest horses, I did see him run many times, as did most people who were into sports and in their 20’s during the 1970, so I fee very comfortable including him. So really this is a discussion of the 5 greatest horses AFTER SECRETARIAT. Furthermore, I make almost no distinction between the top 5, they all had their various strengths. In fact they were all really really strong and they all have 1 similiarity, they gave weight away to the competition and beat them doing their thing. Seattle Slew on the front and Zenyatta coming from behind. So here are the top 5 in my book in chronological order: SECRETARIAT, FOREGO, SEATTLE SLEW, AFFIRMED AND ZENYATTA. Today’s Free Play…Hollywood’s Race #4… the Key here is Strikingly Sinful (#9), the morning-line pirce is 20/1. The way you bet this is to start with a good win & place wager and then some simple exacta boxes with the two favorites to protect your place prices. In the case of an 8/1 it might be more efficient to start with a win bet and a reverse wheel, but as horses get up in price beyond the 20/1 the win /place is often more efficient and it’s cetainly easier with no bad tax ramifications a wheel could have…Good luck

Today’s Free Play…Hollywood’s 9th race :  Key -> Good Vibrations…exactas with Not Here, irish Torrent, Megaspiel and Laura Beasley…Good Luck