Wednesday’s (9-11-2013) Power Page and KHSS for Belmont are ready for download…

What does it mean — having a positive ROI on Top Rated horses?

Below is the published results for betting the TOP-RATED horses at both Saratoga and Del Mar and they are outstanding, because when we begin playing horses we are down about 15% before we win back our first bet.  That’s because the track (and retail outlets and other entities ) takes 15% or more from out bet before we are paid — to pay for the purses and cost of running horses.  So when you get “a raw set” that has a BIF NUMBER attached to it, that Break – Even, then that SET is actually winning you 15% on every dollar you bet.  You bet $100.00, the take is -15%, leaving you with $85.00 going into the pari-mutual pool and that’s the pool that pays you.  It happpens on every bet you make and every bet everyone else makes…  Now when I say a “BIG NUMBER” I’m not saying 25 or 50 in the set, but I am talking 500 or more to qualify.   So the set below has 612 in the set and as I said many times, we didn’t have any fantastic payout to skew the figs…   I believe the largest payout was in the $18.00 range.

Here is my suggestion, when you are building your betting ideas on a certain race, start by including the top 2 rated horses as legit contenders and put them in your A group.  Then look at the 3rd and even the 4th best horse or the 3rd best and a STAR horse to help you finish building out your A contenders.  From there you should consider who has the best odds to probability of winning.  With this method, you will always be betting on a horse that has some realistic chance of winning and hopefully betting with an advantage — because you know that the TOP 2 rated horses on the Power Page can do some running realative to the rest of the field and OVER THE RECENT past we have demonstrated an ability to provide an advantage…   I will work very hard to duplicate that effort into the future….

MEET TOTALS:    Total Races   Total Cost  Total Return   ROI /$2.00

Del Mar………           284          $568.00       $602.90          $2.122

Saratoga……..           328          $656.00       $673.70          $2.052

Combined Totals…  612         $1224.00     $1276.60         $2.086

 All races from 7/19 through 9/4-2013, excluding races with 33% of field are first time starters and races carded for the Grass that were moved to the Main Track.