Friday (1-8-2016) Power Page for Aqueduct and Santa Anita are ready for download…

Race Day Las Vegas Plays:

Aqueduct : Race #7 …  The Great Whiteway  off at 7.60 / 1   PLACED  (exacta with #4 = $63.00/$2.00)

Santa Anita:  Race #5 … Just Got Lucky off at 11/1  /  WINNER $25.20  (exacta with #1 = $96.40 / $2.00)

Talking about the Power Page and it’s great informational approach to handicapping…

The day at Santa Anita was about ability and wet tracks.  Unlike other products that rate every horses supposed ability in the WET, even if they can’t run a step in the WET, I only rate those that really stand out to me… Much like I do with the Early speed alerts!  I don’t want us to parse tiny little advantages, I want to find advantages that really stand out!So let’s take a moment and evaluate  the opening 5 races at Santa Anita — all conducted on a WET track.

Through the first 5 races on today’s card  —  the winner had a “p” or “m”.  The “p” means Potential to improve in the wet.  The “M” means the horse has proven Wet track form!
Beyond that, the winner of the 5th race was both a “P” and a STAR indicating an improving form cycle.

In race #1 == there were 3 “P” horse, they finished 1,2,3
in race #2==  there was only 1 “P” horse — a WINNER
in race #3– There was only 2 “P” horse  – THE FASTER HORSE placed, there was only 1 “m” horse — a WINNER.
in Race #4 — There was only 1 “P” horse  — a WINNER— there was only 1 “m” horse and that horse PLACED!
and finally in the 5th…  There were 2 “P” horses, one won paying $25.20 AND HE HAS MY STAR —  the other “P”  was 3rd in a desperate 3 horse photo finish.

Here is the really cool thing, after the scratch to Darling Grace in the 3rd, Just Got Lucky was the ONLY STAR horse on the whole sheet!  To me, that is fantastic, especially when it pays 11/1.

To sum up, there was specific, focused information, on 5 WET TRACK races — consecutive races — that was on point  and cash-able!

Track Bias Report:

Aqueduct:  Very honest through the early going, then the inside got very fast around the 4th race as rail horses dominated from the 4th through the 8th… 9th race appeared a classic “speed collapse” on the cheap runners…

Santa Anita: Inside was very good early and Speed was great throughout the day.  Track started to get a little more honest around the 6th race, but still some form of inside and speed favoring throughout…

ROI = 1.40      1/9  … wins = 1,  place = 2, show —–  Total exacta 3/9

Total return $25.20

Total Cost    $18.00