Friday (2-22-2019) Power Page and PLUS for Aqueduct, Gulfstream Park and Santa Anita are ready for download…

Friday’s Menu

Aqueduct           … Jerry J’s Power Page – PLUS and JJPP Classic

Gulfstream Park … Jerry J’s Power Page – Classic ( Only)

Santa Anita        … Jerry J’s Power Page – PLUS and JJPP Classic

Crushing Gulfstream continued!

Here are some “deets” on the JJPP’s handicapping achievement from Thursday, with another terrific day at Gulfstream and pretty good at Aqueduct…  All we need to do is look at the STAR horses- with a total of 5 winning STAR horses out of 8 total on the day – featuring WIN payoffs of $25.00, $15.40, $10.80 at Gulfstream and two WINNING chalky STARS at Aqueduct!  And plenty more good stuff to cash on.

Plain and simple, if you aren’t using the JJPPs, you are simply cheating yourself… at least that is my opinion!

Stay With the Power Page…