Friday (7-29-2016) Power Page and PLUS for Saratoga and Del Mar are ready for download…

Thursday was another winning day at both Saratoga and Del Mar… with 6 winner is 18 races producing $57.70 in winnings at a low cost of only $38.00 simply playing the TOP-RATED horses…

How am I doing with JJPP-PLUS at the Spa to Spa meets?

If you have purchased the JJPP-PLUS for both Del Mar and Saratoga, bet every TOP Rated horse to win since the beginning of both meets, BET THEM ALL, today you would have won $278.40 at a cost of only $204.00.  The ROI for that is a positive $1.36 per $1.00 wagered!  That is exactly how good the JJPP-PLUS has been going Coast to Coast!

(results thru Thursday)

With my approach, when it’s our turn to win,

we simply do not miss — no zig — no zag!

The Summer Special

Both the Classic – Power Page  &  for the NEW “PLUS”

Both Del Mar and  Saratoga

To purchase the Del Mar Special or Saratoga Special

1) Click on a “Buy – Summer Specials — Saratoga & Del Mar“,  (it’s on the right side or on the bar above)

2) Follow the prompts

3) The price for the JJPP-Classic is $120.00 per track and for the new JJPP-PLUS is $180.00 per track

That comes out to just $3.00 per day/per track… for the Classic and $4.50 per day/per track for the new PLUS

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Bias report

Saratoga on Thursday (7-27)…  Everything was honest…as speed horses were doing better once again!…

Del Mar on Wednesday (7-27)…  Played Fair … Turf is Fair…

Race Day Play from Thursday

Saratoga  Race #6 St. Louie  off at 4/1…Well place in and behind horses, moved well with the herd, appeared to be full of run, but just was not responding when asked…  surprisingly poor effort in my opinion…

Del Mar  Race #3  Espirito Bueno off at 6/1- broke alertly, battle for the lead, to command turning for home and held sway to win well at $15.80…

Del Mar  Race #8…  River Hoss… off at 4/1…  Well placed while saving ground… empty in the lane…

Total Return     $ 589.60

Total  Cost          $ 510.00

ROI 1.16