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Jockey’s at Santa Anita Santa Anita, must be going crazy…

Each day we discuss the jockey “restrictions” placed upon the jockey’s by management. And to our way of playing horses for the past 50 years, we expect – even demand – that our jockeys do what is reasonable and a little more to win races! No riding the horse out and not worrying about the outcome!

Not anymore, now we have restrictions and fines for violating – what I would call very tight restrictions! These fines are significant and designed to change the jockey’s behavior. Let’s keep that in mind.

Now each day, I have listened to Ralph and Jon and other’s discuss this and bemoan the situation. Fair enough, but it is of no use to discuss this beyond bringing it to everyone’s attention, as I am doing here.

My point is simple… this is a money game. It’s is just that to everyone who participates, whether it’s you and me – the players or the jocks or the owners or the trainers. It’s all about money! So the real question is, how can I understand what’s going on with these new jockey rules, to convert that into an advantage to me (and you)!

Think on it… and don’t expect the rules to change…so think on it and see if you can turn this into a betting advantage…


Gulfstream Park — Power Page Classic only!

Santa Anita — Power Page Classic and THE PLUS

As my Mom would say, “there is nothing as exciting as watching your 2 bucks run!”

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