Friday’s (3-15-2019) Power Page and PLUS for Aqueduct… Classic for Gulfstream, Oaklawn and Golden Gate are ready for download…

A quick comment on the changes at Santa Anita…

Big changes are coming to the “Great Race Place”.  And it’s my hope, these changes will truly elevate Santa Anita to that status, FOR REAL. control Race Day medication is no small thing, the removal of Lasix from being a legal race day additive, will ultimately turn out to be one of the most significant and positive moves in horse racing – EVER.

Here is what will happen, horses will begin to race more naturally, and jockeys with the better hands and smarter understanding of racing will become a bigger asset to you and me.

Horses will need to be held longer, to maintain their breath and help them to finish.  Healthier horses will prevail more and more and there will be REAL FORM to handicap!  For a New Yorker, who remembers how handicapping was before the introduction of Lasix into the day of racing medication… this is a terrific break for the all horse players.

I do realize, some owners are going to get hurt.  And I am not looking to affect them negatively, but this great sport needs to become great once again…  I marvel at the racing at Chelteham (spelling mistake) with 20 or more horses in each race, racing over jumps for 2 to 3 mile or more, covering up to 32 jumps… I repeat 32 jumps… none of the horses are running on Lasix — they can put over 200 horses into a 10 race card on a single day… and not one fatality…. not one issue… just our beautiful sport being enjoyed literally by 100,000 people in their massive grandstand… Can you imagine…we are lucky to see 100 people in the grandstand today…  Clearly, we are missing the boat, in the sport we like to think we rule the world with…

The fake news here is the clocking we get excited about… we need to focus on the effort and the duel… the competition of the horses and the cashing of the ticket.  Who cares if the race was run in 1:08 or 1:13.

And better than that, this is a great break for the entire sport.  There will be no need to breed bleeders who are fast, they will not be worth a farthing…  but horses that can really handle the rigors of racing, without bleeding will begin  to dominate the sport from the breeding shed to the race track and ultimately to you and me… the consumers of the sport…

Sure, a transition period may ensue, which might be a little up and down… but in the long run, we will all win… and when I say win, to me this is a tremendous win for everyone, but especially for YOU AND ME!

Friday’s Menu…

Aqueduct…            Jerry J’s Power Page –   Classic  and PLUS

Gulfstream Park…  Jerry J’s Power Page – ( Classic  each day this week )

Golden Gate…       Jerry J’s Power Page – Classic

Oaklawn Park…      Jerry J’s Power Page – Classic

—————–  On Friday and Saturday this “COUPLED” Entry – for Friday and Saturday – 1 purchase only ————————

Oaklawn Park…      Jerry J’s Power Page – Classic

Golden Gate…       Jerry J’s Power Page – Classic

What I have done, is package these two tracks together – designed for a single purchase price of $5.00.  And it’s located in the Santa Anita “purchase button”…  as follows:

  1. Select   Buy the Power Page -“Classic”
  2. Select  Santa Anita for Friday or Saturday   — you will receive one PDF file with both Oaklawn Park and Golden Gate
  3. Get your file,  either download or Print…

Aqueduct will be available  in both Classic and PLUS formats for Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Gulfstream  will be offered for    …   Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday  (Classic Only)

Golden Gate will be offered for   …   Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday  (Classic Only)

Oaklawn Park will be offered for …   Friday and Saturday  (Classic Only)

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