Friday’s (5-12-2017) Power Page and Plus for Belmont and Santa Anita are ready for download…

Always Dreaming registers a fabulous 79.8

Congrats to Todd Pletcher, J.R. Velasquez, The owners (especially the Brooklyn connections) and to the wonderful horse, Always Dreaming on a fantastic effort, with a stirring stretch run… And a special note to the Bodemeister owners and breeders, as this horse could be another fantastic sire to rival Uncle Mo.  And by extention to the connections of Empire Maker…  who is clearly becoming a foundation sire.

About his number, he did save ground through all of the first turn —  many who do ground loss, might want to amend the number down to a 79.3… whatever — it was a true Tour De Force

To provide some perspective  — Nyquist ran a 79.0 (with some ground loss on the far turn and might be upgraded a little)  and American Phaorah ran at 76.5  (with significant ground loss on both turns… (therefore this number should be upgraded some).

Remember, don’t make a big deal about  one race and one figure – circumstances have a great deal to do with the number a horse achieves.  That being stated, Always Dreaming has produced a fantastic effort in winning the Kentucky Derby! 

Bias Report

Belmont — 5-11-2017   Main Track HONEST,  TURF COURSE all SPEED FAVORING.

Santa Anita 5-11-2017  The inside supported many winning moves today…


Race Day Las Vegas Section


Belmont  Race #3  Time Squared off at 11/1, broke in a tangle and fell well back, started a rally to catch the pack mid turn, then continue on with a consistent and persistent rally, that only got 3rd money, the winner exploded and was in another zip code under the wire.

Belmont  Race #8  Scheme off at 5/1, ran along without any regard for saving ground, started a wide rally on the turn, but didn’t have enough to register more than an “even-effort”…


Belmont  Race # 8  Vision Perfect off at 9/2, smartly got as close to the pace as possible, with the course being solid SPEED FAVORING, took a shot at the leader, but couldn’t make the lead, but hung on well to save the PLACE…

Santa Anita…  Race #Jeremy’s Legacy off at 6/5… attended the pace and looked like a winner every step, was roused as they crossed the main track and took the lead, but didn’t have any additional acceleration, and could not compete with the eventual winner, while clear for the PLACE.

TOTALS  for New York and So. Cal  Plays

(starting February 24,2017 )

NY — Total Return  $60.70, Total Cost  $ 88.00,  ROI Total  $0.69/$1.00

( In New York, I have had a string of place finishes to defy probability… This past week Birchwood Road (8/1, Revved Up 5/2, Pretty N Cool 2/1, Bombshell 6/1) all ran dynamite, but ended up 2nd…just saying).

SA — Total Return  $113.6, Total Cost  $ 92.00,  ROI Total  $1.23/$1.00

Returns on all plays for 2017…

Total Return      $ 281.40
Total  Cost          $ 312.00

ROI $0.90  (1-1-2017 thru 5-11-2017)