Friday’s (7-19-2019) Power Page and PLUS for Saratoga and Del Mar are ready for download…

Finding an advantage… and then playing it…

Our game is about playing “advantages” when they are “over-lays”.  It’s basically that simple, but difficult in practice.  The Power Page and PLUS do a great deal to point out advantages.  We do that with our alert, STAR horses, V horses and 1 for Early Speed.

On the JJPP-PLUS we also provide some opinion on potential matches of horses with “advantages” at potential “over-lay” prices, through my “PK” (Pop-Out-Keys) and my “FP” (Feature Play).

Additionally, we provide our well developed ratings which take you to the high level each horse – seems to be showing.  This is important, because the harder the number is to achieve, the less often that horse will hit the number.  So on the Power Page, you can bet against the highest rated horse!  What a concept!  But that is also, right at the heart of beating this game.

Find the fastest horse, and if you can find a flaw in his chances or his form, you have just insured that whoever you bet against that horse will almost surely be an “over-lay”!

Get your JJPPs. get nice an loosey-goosey, do a little handicapping and find a price…  And definitely take at least 3 looks as our STAR horses, 2 looks at our V horses, and a good long look at my early speed horses. 

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Saratoga – Power Page Classic and Power Page PLUS

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