Friday’s (7-26-2019) Power Page and PLUS for Saratoga and Del Mar are ready for download…

Thursday at Saratoga started with a bang…

Saratoga’s Race #2 featured one of my Pop Out Keys, noted with the “PK”, Persian Queen who ran big and won at 6/1.  The exacta and trifecta were completed with 2 other from my Contender’s List and did not include the actual favorite, Polished Queen from Stanley Hough’s barn.  PQ got plenty of attention at the window, but the money did not translate to a big run.  So we were well paid.  

It was looking to be a phenomenal day when our TOP TWO horses ran first and 2nd in the 3rd, with the better price winning and the obvious chalk holding 2nd.  Then a repeat, when out TOP TWO won the 4th (and my TOP Three made the Trifecta).  Now with the money bulging from our pockets after 3 consecutive excellent plays with good to superior cashes… and they canceled the balance of the card — sending the JJPP players home – WINNERS, before they could give it back.

The cancelation of the card was strange in many respects.  After the 3rd race it started to rain over the track, while the sun was shining over the stands.  And apparently this cell, just decided that Saratoga was the place to be and would not move – at least that’s my take, because I kept hearing, “it’s blue skies over the stands and it’s pouring on the track!”  The commentators at Saratoga continued to tell everyone, this has got to blow over shortly, it’s really nice out – everywhere but on the track.

This was not forecast or expected.  The tractors were not ready for the rain and came out after the track had been drenched.  The sent the tractor around, delaying the 5th race, but couldn’t get the track into satisfactory condition and ultimately decided to cancel.  While this is disappointing, it is in every sense the right move, no matter the political climate.  They were caught with their pants down, but so was everyone, this rain cell popped out of nowhere – absolutely nowhere!  Weather is not always predictable.  The track suffered and could not be brought up to snuff in a proper amount of time… 

So the right move was to send all the players home, with a special note to the JJPP players who were loaded with cash!

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