Friday’s (7-6-2018) Power Page and PLUS for Belmont and Los Alamitos are ready for download…

Today, we saw an infraction, “against our horse” in the 4th race. And what a surprise, there was a stewards inquiry and an eventual disqualification.  This took place in the 4th at Belmont.  The horse we were backing, Midnight Tea Time was rallying well on the outside, engaged the leader about the 3/16th pole.  At that point they were moving together with MTT gaining slowly on the leader, then suddenly MTT lost his action and fell back to 4th as they crossed the wire. At one point it appeared there would be a photo finish, and in the next, our MTT was back to 4th position.

The stewards put up the inquiry immediately… and it was their wisdom to disqualify the winner, this actually didn’t help us very much, because we had fallen back to 4th, so only got moved up to 3rd money, which didn’t help.  But I felt some appreciation that the stewards had managed this situation in a professional manner.  Their decision was reasonable.

I recommend all horse players to demand this behavior from all their racing associations and especially in So. Cal.