Friday’s (9-18-2015) Power Page and KHSS for Belmont and Los Alamitos is ready for download…

Power Page NEWS:

Mohegan Sun is now carrying the Power Page.

So if you are in Conn. and are thinking of a trip to do a little gaming, think Mohegan Sun and you can play with the Power Page — For FREE, just as we do here in Las Vegas at our great Race Books.

Friday’s Blog:

My description of both cards for Thursday – could not have been more accurate.  Belmont had plenty of value to bet on and plenty of that value did come in — setting up terrific payouts.  We had two “V” horses in particular that did the bulk of the work, in Race # 2 our “V” horse (Doinwhatshelikes) romped home at $13.80.  Then in the 4th race, our ONLY “V” horse, Lilikoi ran 2nd paying a whopping $30.80 to place.   There were several other laace to place some $$$ throughout the balance of the card, but nothing could match up to Lilikoi.  

Then at Los Alamitos, as opined in yesterday’s blog, the favorites were the focus of the first 4 races with 3 winning and one running out!  There is always 1 hat disapoints – and that’s the problem with this type of bet.  Anyway the ROI for tha favorite in the first 4 races was $10.80 returned on $8.00 wagered so while not very interesting, it was eeking out a small profit.  The racing from races #5 through 8 were actually pretty decent, with Glory Bound winning hte finale and paying $9.40 for $2.00.  As many of you know, that was my play on Race Day Las Vegas.  It was a very basic play, taking the good horse on the outside – with odds to make it worthwhile, against a slightly better rated favorite in the terrible 1 post — with the weight of favoritism, which is often too much to perform with…



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