Friday’s Power Page for BREEDERS’ CUP, Aqueduct and Santa Anita are now ready for download…KHSS is also ready, but only for Aqu and S.A.


PURCHASE INFORMATION for Friday’s Breeders’ Cup Power Pages.

The BC Power Pages are part of  Aqueduct and Santa Anita Power Pages.  Simply order either the Aqueduct or Santa Anita Power Page and the Breeders’ Cup will be page #2.    You do not have to make a special -separate purchase!

The KHSS does NOT contain a BC, so in this case, you must purchase a Power Page for either Aqueduct or Santa Anita…  In this manner, the Breeders’ Cup Power Page comes to you,  at no additional charge if you are a regular Power Page user, but KHSS will have to make a 2nd purchase — fair is fair. Thank you!

The big days have arrived…

Race #5 — Juvy Sprint –  Secret Circle is all the talk, but figures to be ODDS-On.   You don’t need to be betting young lightly raced horses at ODDS-On.  Someone else might be good at a price.  If you can find a price horse you like, bet it to win and place and make and exacta box with Secret Circle.

Race #6– Filly Juvy Turf –  Big field of young fillies encountering a yielding course (most likely).  Doesn’t sound like a good place to back a short price.  I have several STAR horses to consider and don’t forget the many good looking European.  Remember with young fillies, they can improve or go backward quickly, with only a race or three under their belts, you betting on the come!

Race #7 — F & M Sprint –  Fillies going 7 furlongs.  Last year Switch would have waxed this group, this year NOT SO MUCH.  Switch is a Bet Against in my book!  I have 2 STAR horses you should consider in here.

Race #8 — Juvy Fillies –Juvy Fillies going 2 turns out to 1 1/6 mile –  This is new ground for some and could be pretty interesting.  My Miss Aurelia and Grace Hall both are fast and pretty obvious and WEEmissfrankie is pretty close to the top two as well.   I think this race is full of imaginative long-shots that have real potential in here including a horse like Northern Passion and Milt Wolfson ships in from Florida and gets J.R. Velasquez for the ride — interesting.  But don’t forget to consider my STAR horse who is a monster long-shot— I only gave 1 horse a STAR in this race.

Race #9 – F & M Turf — Fillies going 1 3/8 mile on Yielding Turf  is always a great race.  Last year it was the race in which my best bet, Shared Account beat Midday, paying a whopping $94.00 for a little $2.00 ticket.  Shared Account was rated on top and had a STAR.  So it wasn’t surprising that I tabbed her as my best bet and gave it out on the RaceDayLasVegas radio show (don’t forget to tune in on Friday and Saturday).  This year Share Account is a tough play for me and I will look elsewhere, but I don’t mind, because I have lots to look at and a plethora of nicely priced Fillies to consider.  But don;t make any wager that doesn’t include at least some money on Dubawi Heights in your exotics.  This is a definate spot for a shotgun approach and a huge potential trifecta or superfecta…

Race #10 –  Ladies Classic —  Going 1 1/8 mile without Havre De Grace makes this a really good handicapping affair.   I will tell you this much about my thinking and hopefully get you to consider buying a Power Page because the tease is a good one and there might be some gold in my opinion here.   I am betting against both Plum Pretty (who might be the favorite) and Royal Delta (who worked really well and should suck up a ton of money).  Enough said, but I like two fof these Ladies better than the rest…

Hopefully some of this will help you and if you like some of these ideas, consider purchasing a Power Page and you will get a lot more….Thanks and good luck….