Friday’s(12-18-2015) Power Page for Aqueduct and Los Alamitos are ready for download…

Handicapping discussion continued:

Both Race Day Plays were horrible.  From the many wonderful plays we had today, I managed to locate two of the worst!  So my apology to the Race Day Fans.  My hope, is that this funk gets done, and I rebound with a vengence…PS…  This particular run is so bad it literally defies statistics…

Carryover Friday!

What’s going on with Carryovers?  At Aqueduct the Early Pick 5 carried over for the very first time.  There is $162g’s in the pot – leading to an almost never seen pool with a positive expectation. To my way of doing math, there will need to be a little more than $1 million bet into the pool and then we can have $1 million distributed to US.  But wait — there’s more — The Pick 6 at Aqueduct is also carrying over.  Clearly this was a tough set of results on Thursday.

But Wait – there is more!  The super High Five at Los Alamitos is also carrying over to Friday with a smallish pool of $6gs …  Even though we had our only STAR horse of the day, show up in the finale at Los Al and win, paying $24.00.  But Wait there is even more, the Pick 6 at Los Alamitos is carrying over for $16g’s.