Monday’s (9-2-2019) Power Page and PLUS for Saratoga and Del Mar are ready for download…

7th Race, re-handicapped for the Main Dirt Track


  Race #7 (for Dirt) 
QUALITY CHOIC  (m) 70.8 
PIPES          (m) 69.3* 
SPECTATOR SPO  (p) 68.5 
DANNY CALIFOR  (m) 68.3* 
SARATOGA COLO  ( ) 68.2 
HUSSAR         ( ) 67.0 

Coast to Coast comes to a close…

When ordering any product, you will select “MONDAY” tabs.  When you get to the ordering page, you will easily see what I am referring to.

Saratoga rates to be WET with overnight rains predicted.  They are expecting more than 1/4 of an inch and the rain should last several hours after starting around 4AM… Considering this is the final day of racing for another 10 months, I handicapped the 1st, 3rd and 5th for the Main Dirt track, while I handicapped the 7th and 9th for the Turf – as carded!  The reason I left those 2 races on the Turf was simple, the 7th in in the Inner Turf Course and the 9th , a major turf race, is carded for the Mellon (outer) Turf course.  The Turf should be able to handle at least 1 race each, safely!  So long as that’s the case, they have 10 months to recover the Turf course.  In other words, they are not under any pressure to protect the Turf courses for upcoming races…

I hope everyone gets a JJPP and plays with these great mandatory payout days!

Bias analysis for Sunday…

Saratoga’s main track favored rail runner and inside paths on Saturday!  Keep in mind, with Rain highly likely, the rail has often changes to a “dead rail” when the rains have occurred.  It’s something to consider….

Del Mar’s rail seemed okay on Saturday, once again.

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Saratoga – Power Page Classic and Power Page PLUS

Del Mar – Power Page Classic and Power Page PLUS

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