Monday’s (9-5-2016) Power Page and PLUS for Saratoga and Del Mar are ready for download…

Every category is now UPDATED.  The STAR horses are without a doubt the best thing published in Horse Racing that I have ever heard of …  The ROI on 205 STAR horses published at Del Mar and Saratoga is a whopping $1.50 per $1.00 wagered… Imagine a betting system that every single time you wagered $1.00 you got back $1.50… Then you wagered $1.5 and got back $2.25 and continue on for 205 times…  I am astounded!!!  Sunday’s STARs produced $139.00 in winning at a low cost of only $22.00…


How am I doing with JJPP-PLUS at the Saratoga and Del Mar meets?

(Star horses have been a hallmark of my products since 1998 and appear on the JJPP-Classic and JJPP-Plus)

Total STAR horses = 205…. Total $$$ won (if you bet $2.00 on each one ) = $614.00… Cost is only $410.00… Profit of $204.00…

ROI is $1.50 per $1.00 played…

(Results are through the end of racing on  Sunday at Saratoga & Del Mar )

For TOP-RATED horses on the JJPP-PLUS for both Del Mar and Saratoga — a $2.00 win bet on every TOP RATED horse   since the beginning of both meets, BET THEM ALL, thru today — you would have won $1,309.70 at a cost of only $1,304.00.

The ROI is a positive $1.004 per $1.00 wagered

That is exactly how good the JJPP-PLUS has been going Coast to Coast!

(updated  results thru end of racing  on Sunday 9-4-2016)


With the JJPPs, when it’s our turn to win,

we simply do not miss — no zig — no zag!


 Bias report

Saratoga on  (9/4)… The rail was even better today… mark Sunday as an inside and speed favoring track.

Del Mar on (9/4)…     What a change… The inside was an advantage for sure and speed stayed very well… mark this track as speed favoring

Del Mar’s Turf —Again —  Again favored closers, only when the pace was so backed off did front positioned horses stay well…

Race Day Section — Plays from Saturday & Sunday.


Saratoga  Race #6 .. Slim Shadey… off at 5/1…Went overland, raced well, but no match for the winner while holding the PLACE… much the 2nd best.

Del Mar  Race #7 … Fantasy of Luck… off at 4/1, raced on the lead from the inside, battled every step of the way to finish a tough PLACE, we had the exacta with Ponder Lea which paid $127/ $2.00.


Saratoga… Race #11 … Kareena … ran well while wide the entire way, definitely against the bias, finished 4th… JUST a note, Lucy N Ethel was also a STAR horse off at 22/1 and posted in the #2 post position… at those odds with the Inside Speed bias dominating the day, it was reasonable to switch and key Lucy N Ethel… You can call an audible when you see the track bias is working a certain way all day long…

Del Mar… Race #5 Nazareth at 3/1…  Broek alertly, taken a good hold while well back, dropped to the rail and commenced a rally, came thru on the rail and won going away…. Winning and paid $8.20 and we hit the exacta $27.20 / $2.00


Total Return     $677.00

Total  Cost          $ 628.00

ROI 1.08 per $1.00 played…