Power Pages continue to Rock with $57.20 STAR winners from just 6 plays ($12.00). And the blazing results from our KHSS, which is on a Spring Special of just $2.00 through May…

Sunday May9, 2010

 Resulting Free Plays:

Friday’s FREE Play (4/30)Hollywood…Race #5…Sirocco Strike won paying $6.40…

Saturday’s Free Play…Lichtenstein …Scratched

Sunday’s Free Play…Hollywood – Race #7… Fifie’s Fantasy won paying $4.40

Wednesday Free Play…Hollywood – Race #5…Island of Zen won paying $4.20

Thursday’s Free Play…Hollywood – Race #5…Cookie’s Jewel off at a decent price, but lackluster in the stretch…The Favorite won at 3/2.

Friday’s Free Play…Hollywood – Race #7… Brenhurst place 2nd, exacta score with one of our Exacta connects, Spirit of Cochise…pretty good!

Hollywood’s – Race #5…Slew’s Tiznow ran poorly…It’s worth confessing, that I have is serial fashion underated Rail Trip — since always!

Today’s Free Play:

Hollywood’s – Race #9…In today’s final race of the week at Hollywood, our second rated horse on the Power Page is Quarta Coroa, trained by the very hot Avila, while carrying a monster overlay price of 8/1.  My attention is brought directly here as I hold out no hope of getting more than 4/1, which is still a very nice price.   Here is the deal, this 7 year old gelding has a beautiful pattern in his return. First race showing high speed and a slight face, being beaten a couple of lengths by A Cat Named Snipe, a relatively slow horse.  This would put many of us off, but I am just interested in the early lick that QC showed in the comeback race (3/26) and don’t care very much about the final fig on that race.  Then, in his 2nd race back he started to show a more even line and better finishing ability, going out an extra 1/2 furlong, that race taking place on 4/15. Now you have to consider that these are bottom of the barrel type horse, not because they don’t have back class, but because they are starting to suffer infirmities that keep them from staying in form and keep them from training as hard as they would if they were sounder — at least that’s my operating theory when looking at this class at a major track.  So these horses have to “race-themselves-into-shape” and that’s what I think is happenning here!  At 4/1 I am a player!  So my natural play is a win/place play and then some exacta boxes using the 1,9,10,11.  (Note the #1 is very interesting, because his powerhouse entry mate scratched leaving the running duties to him).

Good Luck and we will see you on Wednesday….

PS…Kentucky Derby Reflectiosn will be sent on Tuesday to all our ON-Line customers (paying) trought Sunday (5/9/2010)…