Saturday (1-23-2016) Power Page for Santa Anita is ready for download…

Aqueduct is officially cancelled for Saturday…

Heads up for Newcomers!

Lately, I have had some request from newcomer’s to horse racing.  Usually, I leave the handicapping to my customer’s assuming they are seasoned handicapper’s.  So for the next week, I will be talking to those of you who are new to our great sport.  First let me say Thank You and secondly, let me assure you — that you are in the right place!

The number’s on the Power Page are Speed Figures that represent “current form” – we call these Projected Power Numbers or PPN’s.  This means that horses who have not raced for 45 days or more, are not showing “current form”, and therefore they are downgraded.

The reason for this, in my professional career, I have not found a better baseline to begin the handicapping – then this understanding of “current form”.  So what does this mean to you the new player —  when looking at the Power Page, you can assume that any horse in the top 3 or even more, if they are closely bunched in the ratings, to “have a shot”!

So if you take any well rated horse, who has a fair or long price attached to it, you are at the beginning of making a handicapping decision that will — over time – potentially give you a decent set of results.  Now if you can take that well rated horse, with a good price and add in another handicapping idea, you are starting to dig in a little deeper…  Here is a basic list of ideas that you can start to cross index against your live horses with a good price…

  1. Top Trainer/Poor Trainer
  2. Total Money won by the horse
  3. Best Back Class
  4. Resent change in trainer
  5. Equipment change Blinker’s on/off, 1st time Gelding, 1st time lasix,
  6. change in racing surface

As a new player you have a long way to go, but it should be fun and frustrating and very satisfying as well…  And remember, a good win bet is a good place to start and as anyone know, there is no reason to ever bet a favorite to win, but they are useful in the exotics.

Good luck and check back tomorrow for the next in this series….oh yeah, read on down below and begin to learn about bias and more…

Bias report for Friday…

Aqueduct: Closers were running up the score on Friday, but there were several solid efforts by early speed types as well… Inside and Outside were well represented as well–  for me it was a HONEST racetrack.

Santa Anita: Ditto — HONEST as they could be.

Race Day Plays for Friday:

Aqueduct : Race #9 – Ideal Quality — well possessed with sharp early speed, G. Saez wrangle IQ back, showing his high racing IQ.  Once, settled into stride and near the back, IQ started a run that was eye-popping for this class and won going away – looking the part.  IQ was definitely in the sights of some really smart players, because he was 4/1 with 1 minute to post, 7/2 when the started the loading and crossed the finish line at an unbelievable 7/5.  Won paying $4.80 – No exacta

Santa Anita :  Race #9— Film Freak , off at a  3/1. Moved up nicely, tracking the front speed, finished well to win — paying $8.60

ROI = 1.01      Total Plays = 25,   —-  wins = 5,  —–  place = 4,  —–  Total exacta 6/25

Total return $50.60

Total Cost    $50.00