Saturday’s (1-28-2017) Power Page and PLUS for Aqueduct and Santa Anita are ready for download…

For JJPP-PLUS customers, just a heads up… Today’s Featured Plays occur in the 8th at Aqueduct and the 10th at Santa Anita…

1st Pegasus World Cup Invitational

        Race #12   at Gulfstream Park… 1/28/2017    Handicapped for FAST

   ARROGATE      (P)  83.8      Amazing 3 yr old, now 4 yrs old                                                         

   CALIFORNIA CH ( )  83.0      Champion, developer, now 6 yrs                                                       

 1 STANFORD      ( )  79.3      Speedy sort, class challenge                                                       

   NOBLE BIRD    ( )  78.5      Occasional big effort                                                       

   KEEN ICE      ( )  78.0      Clearly, not this class                                                       

   BREAKING LUCK ( )  77.8      Off Lifetime best effort at CD.                                                       

   SHAMAN GHOST  ( )  77.7      Beat Frosted, so what!                                                       

   NEOLITHIC     ( )  77.0                                                             

   WAR STORY     (m)  76.8                                                             

   MADEFROMLUCKY (m)  76.0                                                             

   SEMPER FORTIS ( )  75.8                                                             

   PRAYER FOR RE ( )  75.5 

   SEA RAVEN     ( )  74.0

   WAR ENVOY     (m)  73.5 

   ERAGON        (m)  SHIP   

Today we are going to see if the best 3 year old – “maybe ever” – from last year, can beat a tremendous older handicap horse, who has been a true champion over several years.  The answer is YES, Arrogate took the “worst of it” in last years Breeders’ Cup and won, beating California Chrome.  Now, Arrogate has nearly 3 months more to develop!

However, racing is not perfectly patterned and “stuff happens”. This year’s STUFF, came in the form of continuous rains in California, which have challenged Bob Baffert’s preparations of Arrogate for this inaugural Pegasus World Cup Invitational. So CC might be sitting with an edge, since he has been bedded down in Florida with no distractions to his preparations.

 Keep this in mind. Betting against Bob Baffert (Arrogate’s trainer) is just a bad idea in general. Also, either California Chrome or Arrogate, on their own, are ODDS ON against every other horse in the race.  Therefore, you will need HUGE odds on any other horse winning.  To me, after CC and Arrogate, the starting odds price to win – on all the others – would be 100/1 or more, BUT THAT IS ONLY MY OPINION. Remember, strange things do happen in racing from time to time.

 Truthfully, I can only see Arrogate and California Chrome in this PWCIv; and while many owners have put up HUGE AMOUNTS of $$$ to be a part of this, it looks like only Arrogate and California Chrome are going to earn some cash.


Daily Bias Report…

Aqueduct …(1-27-2017)… HONEST

Santa Anita …(1-27-2017) … A touch better on the inside…

Race Day Las Vegas Section


Aqueduct – Race #7  Wisdom Of Oz…off at 12/1 raced like he should have been 2,000/1.  just awful…

Santa Anita – Race #7 Time for Ebby off at 9/5 … Well placed racing 2 lengths off the front runners, moved up coming off the turn, battled to the furlong pole, then spurted away, and won well under hold from KD, almost losing the  WIN… Winner paid $5.06


Aqueduct…Race #7  Port More…off at 3/1… well placed with a mild rally, failed to hold place, fading to 3rd… fair effort…

Santa Anita… Race #3 Boone Dock… off at 5/1 … taken in hand at the start, moved up 4 wide on the turn, commenced to rally, but was only going evenly at the end, finishing 4th… fair effort…

Returns on all plays for 2017…

Total Return     $ 49.90

Total  Cost          $ 52.00

ROI $0.96 per $1.00 played…(thru 1/27/2017)


2016 – Totals with FINAL returns on all plays = 468 plays

Total Return     $979.80

Total  Cost          $ 938.00  (updated to include all plays from 12/11 thru 12/31)

ROI 1.04 per $1.00 played…