Saturday’s (10-27-2012) Power Page and KHSS for Belmont and Santa Anita are ready for download..

We are still talking STAR horses in a crude format.  Just how have we done if we bet everyone without any regard for anything.   Well for starters, yesterday we published 10 Star horses, at $2.00 a pop, we would have wagered a total of $20.00 and we would have a total return of $33.60 (A ROI for the day of $1.68 per $1.00 wagered).   This puts our week to plus street as we came into Friday down .40 cents.  Let’s talk the whole month of October.  There have been a total of 121 total STAR horses at $2.00 per pop we would have wagered $242,00 and our total return has been a whopping $316.10.  The ROI on this is a phenomenal $1.31 per $1.00 wagered.

Last add a kaa-bang to this, the STAR horses for September performed as follows.  A total of 141 Star horses were published, betting them at $2.00 per pop would cost a total of $282.00 yielding a total return of $513.50.  The ROI on September was a truly amazing $1.82 per $1.00 wagered!

Here is a little puzzle for you…  figure the ROI for the two months…  The people who have been smart enough to stick with the Power Page and have a philosophy for using the STAR horses, The Early Speed notion and the higher rated horses just love this product and remain loyal over many years….  Of course with my thanks…