Saturday’s (12-28-2019) Power Page and PLUS for Aqueduct and Santa Anita are ready for download…

Opening day at Santa Anita finally arrives…

In the new normal, with more “protective” rules governing our game, we get the traditional day after Christmas opening day, 2-days later.  I think this is a good move, a positive change, but one we will have to get familiar with.  When I started handicapping horses, the races would literally be run in any condition… Snow, Rain, Sleet of even HEAVY FOG.  But now we have some new “regs” that elevates Safety another level up.  From my view, racing was always a Safety first business, game or show… but now it’s been elevated and that seems fine to me.

Meanwhile we have an 11 race card that is very, very good and the condition of the track and turf course should be excellent!

Aqueduct returns with a very good 9 race card, one that deserves support and has plenty of playable value plays… so don’t hesitate to take your shots with the Big A.

As for Gulfstream… we start everyday with Gulfstream on Dec 31st and go through March 31st. 

Saturday’s Menu

Aqueduct    — Power Page Classic and the JJPP-PLUS

Santa Anita — Power Page Classic and the JJPP-PLUS


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