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The Featured Play, exclusively on our JJPP-PLUS for Friday won… Nancy From Nairobi at  2/1 in the 7th at Santa Anita…

It’s all about Songbird today…

3 year olds that rate !

  1. Nyquist
  2. Mor Spirit
  3. Mohaymen
  4. Songbird (the fabulous filly)
  5. Smokey Image


Actually, Songbird deserves to be rated on nearly even terms with Nyquist , as a 2 year old, she performed at least equal to or better than Nyquist as they raced side by side, while in their own divisions.  Nyquist is a bit of a tricksterm he doesn’t really do more than he has to.  When he returned in his “come-out race” a few weeks back, he was simply sensational in every way, so he definitely moved to the top of the class.  And in Songbird’s “come out race” she ran just fine, but didn’t do nearly as much as Nyquist.   No big deal, but no doubt, if challenged she would flash something brilliant.  Unfortunately, she will simply have another exhibition race, with the weak competition she will be facing and I suspect, she will not get enough out of that race to keep her on level ground with Nyquist and Mor Spirit.

Interestingly, she has the same problem that Mohaymen has encountered.  

Songbird needs the competition and they should let her shine, set her up to take on Nyquist and the others in this amazing year for great thoroughbred racers!


Thursday’s Bias is still is needing some work, so I will provide an overview of the entire week, when i am satisfied that I get what has happened…

Bias Report for Sunday: 

Aqueduct: your basic Honest track…

Santa Anita :  Again – horses are being more aggressively ridden to the pace, but it’s still a speed favoring…

Race Day Plays for Friday:

Aqueduct: Race #6  — Say Cin Cin — off at 2/1… the jockey should get  days from the bettors who bet this horse, the level of incompetence exceeds anything I have seen since Ron Franklin rode Spectacular Bid in the Florida Derby 1979.  That’s a lot of years…  The reason i am so “pissed”, for all the mistakes the jockey made, he could have still won if he got into his horse 50 yards sooner.  Dylan Davis, at this time, is an idiot jockey, but the sad thing is, we will probably bet him again.

Here is my call… Say Cin Cin broke alertly, w7as taken in hand to rate in an among horses, allowed a horse to go by on his inside, then followed that horse into a blindswitch, then took back, losing 5 lengths or so, then finally swung to the outside,  started to stride out, then the jock took to a vigorous ride, but just missed by a diminishing neck.  This horse was a least an hour the best!  Our excata with Froyo Star came in at paid fairly.

Santa Anita: Race #6 — Matriculate — off at 4/1…  a little sluggish at the break, found a stride midway down the backstretch, started to commence a wide rally to finish 4th,  never threatening, while the Uncoupled-Stablemate won at 7/2.  ( We had the right barn, but the wrong horse).

ROI  – 1.21      Total Plays = 75,   —-  wins = 16,  —–  place = 10,  —–  Total exacta 14/75

Total return $181.80

Total Cost    $150.00