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Published on 3/12/2011

It’s spring time as the big 3 year olds are starting their trek toward the Kentucky Derby or not!   Today’s edition of the San Felipe G-2 is without a doubt the most exciting handicapping challenge I have seen.  While Uncle Mo is going to dust a couple of non-entitiies on the East Coast.  My guess it there is an over-under on Uncle Mo for lengths, I would guess 5 is easy and 10 is a definate maybe.   But out West in So. Cal we are looking at the return of Jaycito, the stretch out of Albergatti and Runflatout’s 2nd start after a truely amazing opener.  And then their is the fabulous Premier Pegasus who was fantastic at two, but got shown some heels in his first start at 3 years old.   Add in the enigmatic Comma To The Top,  who simply stopped running at the top of the stretch at Golden Gate field when it looked like he was going to simply air.  P. Miller has brought him back to Santa Anita with a big, “I don’t know what that was all about, but he should run his race on Saturday!”   I guess we will find out!

Albergatti and Runflatout are simply super fast horses, either might be winners on Saturday, but they have not been handled in a manner consistent with becoming a winner in the Kentucky Derby.  This is especially interesting for me, considering  I have NEVER assigned PPN’s for the San Felipe that compare to the slew of high numbers I have assigned this year.  But to me,  only Jaycito and  Premier Pegasus are true contenders for the KD.   Horses like Albergatti and Runflatout — who didn’t get to run 2-turns until March and simply didn’t have any real distance racing at 2 year olds — just always light up the imagination but break the hearts of their backers, not to mention emptying out their billfold when they make the running on the First Saturday in May at Churchill Downs.

STAR horse rocked on Friday with $1640 in winnings against $10.00 in cost…   But let’s not forget thet Whoppsie place paying $18.40 for a find 2nd place finish…  2 winner, 2 place and 1 out of the money…  And that my friend is OK!!!