Since July 3rd…Top rated horses have won or placed 23 times in 40 races…That is simply fantastic — think about it and then pick up your Power Pages.

July 5, 2010

The simple object of handicapping is to find winning horses that return enough value when they win to offset your ALL your wagers, including all your lost wagers.  To do this there are two simple strategies that work, first -betting fast horses that are missed by the betting public and second – finding slower horses that can jump up to run fast enough to win.  No product I have seen, comes close to the Power Page.  Yesterday’s Power Pages provided a clear example of it’s effectiveness, with the TOP-RATED horses winning 11 of 21 races at Belmont and Hollywood.  With results like that you don’t even have to handicap, but that’s not what I am aiming for.  However, after YOU HAVE found the right value horse yesterday, your exacta “turns” simply with the top rated horse made you a winner in 23 of the 40 races, with 17 wins and 6 place finish, where at Belmont the top rated horse won 11 times and placed 4 time. 

Today’s Free Play at Hollywood…Race #5..Secret Oath at 15/1 is an automatic pop-out-key for me, however my 2nd rated horse is Nashoba’s Express who is a STAR horse.  This dilemma is ultimately solved in one of two ways at the odds board.  The one that clearly represents value to me becomes the bettable KEY and if I can’t solve the issue that way because they both appear to represent value, then I make two full wagers on both horses…   But as of this moment with the prospect of doulbe digit odds on Secret Oath that will get the win/place wager to start and a healthy exacta box with Nashoba’s Express…beyond that I will make some additional exacta boxes with Favoloso, Laura Beasley  and Donner Wasser.   Add in any longs you like as well…But remember at double digit odds if Secret Oath finishes first or 2nd you should reward yourself with a cashable ticket that makes you some decent money!

(reprint from twoweek ago)…Apparantly their has been controversy over Zenyatta on the Internet.  I received many e-mails…so here is my take on Zenyatta…She’s as good as good ever has gotten…read on

On Zenyatta :   I have now become so enamored with Zenyatta, I consider her to be one of my 5 all time greatest racehorses.  Since I started playing horses in 1976 and was only a casual observer before 1976, I simply won’t go back before that time, with one obvious exception.  Also, I am only commenting on horses that have raced here in the USA.   So before 1976 I am including Secretariat as one of my 5 greatest horses, I did see him run many times, as did most people who were into sports and in their 20’s during the 1970, so I fee very comfortable including him.    So really this is a discussion of the 5 greatest horses AFTER SECRETARIAT.   Furthermore, I make almost no distinction between the top 5, they all had their various strengths.  In fact they were all really really strong and they all have 1 similiarity, they gave weight away to the competition and beat them doing their thing.  Seattle Slew on the front and Zenyatta coming from behind.   So here are the top 5 in my book in chronological order:  SECRETARIAT, FOREGO, SEATTLE SLEW, AFFIRMED AND ZENYATTA.