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Friday May 7, 2010

Resulting the Derby…  I will  make a full report for your review by Saturday.  You will be able to receive that report with any purchase of any product starting Saturday.

Resulting Free Plays:

Friday’s FREE Play (4/30)Hollywood…Race #5…Sirocco Strike won paying $6.40…

Saturday’s Free Play…Lichtenstein …Scratched…

Sunday’s Free Play…Hollywood  – Race #7… Fifie’s Fantasy won paying $4.40

Wednesday Free Play…Hollywood – Race #5… Island of Zen  won paying $4.20

Thursday’s Free Play…Hollywood – Race #5…Cookie’s Jewel off at a decent price, but lackluster in the stretch…The Favorite won at 3/2.

Today’s Free Play:

Friday’s Free Play; Hollywood – Race #7… Brenhurst is rated as a STAR horse on the Jerry J’s Power Page, at 7/2 a 6 horse race, this is a clear POP-OUT-KEY!  I am always discussing the idea of finding win-priced-overlays and thsi horse would qualify.  My line on Brenthurst would be about 2/1, with Hewitss being the early speed type and Spirit o Cochise being the obvious power I feel pretty certain we will get the OVERLAY!  Here are some suggesttions for wagering, if you are a PICK 4playere, use a spred of my 4 horses in the 5th, with extra punch on my top rated horse, then use my Race Day Play, Royally Large in the 6th, then use the 3 mentioned horses in the 7th, and finish it all with a single to my TOP-Rated horse in the 8th…   ONle you have made that wager, when you get to the 7th, make sure to make a good win wager on Brenthurse and some exacta boxes with spirit of Cochise and Hewitts… Good Luck…