Sunday (1-28-2018) Power Page and PLUS for Aqueduct, Gulfstream and Santa Anita are ready for download…



Now we can start to focus our attention on the  Rainbow Pick 6, with it’s $3.9 MILLION dollar carryover.   I have heard estimates of $8 Million by post time tomorrow…  Remember the base ticket is only 20 cents… this allows everyone to make a decent/fair ticket… and the best part – and most important part… this is a “mandatory distribution”.

So you do not have to be the only one to hit…The pool will be distributed to all who correctly tab all 6 winners…  This is truly good – FINALLY!

 Gulfstream will be added to your order of either Aqueduct or Santa Anita… No need to request it… but you must be patient, it will come by e-mail — AFTER YOUR NORMAL PURCHASE.

After 11 PM, Delivery of the Gulfstream Power Page will be suspended until 8:00am Pacific Time.   All overnight purchases will be fulfilled by 8:15am.  So purchase now and check your e-mail in the morning for your Gulfstream Power Page…

 “Race Day Las Vegas” Plays


IN race #5 at Aqueduct, we backed Blame Us All, off at odds of 7/2, broke a tough slow, but took up running right away,  to push along in the 2nd position, while down on the rail.  Continued competing in 2nd position, but could not stay with the winner and tired to 3rd.

Then in Race #9 at Santa Anita … Looking At Thelake off at 5/2, was ridden conservatively throughout and well back, started to slowly pick up the leaders late, then moved to the outside for the final furlong, still moving slowly, then suddenly settle and zoomed home – easily “much the 2nd best”, securing the pace.   Just a comment, it seemed Raffy could have gotten after her a little sooner, as she was going 2 for 1 at the end, but too late.  Yeah, I am gripping a little.


At Aqueduct, Fielding Gold went off at 8/5 in the 5th, after being as high as 9/2 in the early wagering.  Broke alertly and moved up on the early leader while one path off the rail ( this may have been a big deal) pursued the leader all the way around the track, finishing 2nd in a game effort.   (As all races had been won by the horse “pinned” to the rail on this day – so far)… WE got the place and made the exacta which paid well…

AT Santa Anita, Siege of Vicksburg, off at 7/2, broke a touch slowly, then ran slowly throughout.   This was a “terrible” psyche on my part…


At Aqueduct, in Race #7, Belleville Spring off at 5/1, broke alertly to run in 2nd, while holding position on the rail, moved to the lead mid-turn, then opened up a nice lead and held sway…winning and paying $13.20.  No exacta today.

At Santa Anita, in Race #1, Full Access off at 5/2, was even and uninspiring while finishing mid-pack.

At Gulfstream, in Race #9, Rich Mommy off at 18/1, ran well in the 2 path throughout, then moved outside horses coming out of the turn, took dead aim, continued to rally, was about to catch the leader when passed by a 60/1 longshot, then finished 3rd.  Solid effort.

AT Gulfstream, in Race #12, Gunnevera off at 15/1, secured position just off the rail, continued along, saving ground and finished nicely to be beat a long way by Gun Runner and West Coast, but getting 3rd money, in a nice effort.

TOTALS   for New York, Gulfstream Park and So. Cal Plays 2018

NY   Total Return   $35.00, Total Cost $ 20.00  ROI Total   $1.75/$1.00

Gulf   Total Return   $29.00, Total Cost $ 16.00 ROI Total   $1.81/$1.00

SC  Total Return   $33.20, Total Cost $ 30.00,  ROI Total   $ 1.11/$1.00

Returns on all plays for 2018

Total Return $ 91.40 Total Cost   $ 64.00  (Saturday had 4 counted plays)

ROI $ 1.43 / $1.00    (1-1-2018 thru 1/27/2018)

——- History Below this line —-

Returns on all plays for 2017

TOTALS   for New York and So. Cal Plays

(starting February 24, 2017 )

NY   Total Return   $414.10, Total Cost $ 396.00 ROI Total   $1.05/$1.00

SC  Total Return   $357.10, Total Cost $ 367.00,  ROI Total   $ .96/$1.00

Total Return $ 880.30 Total Cost   $ 896.00

ROI $ 0.98    (1-1-2017 thru 12/26/2017)

ROI $ 1.04    (1-1-2015 thru 12/31/2016)