Sunday’s (1-25-2015) Power Page and KHSS for Aqueduct and Santa Anita are ready for download…

The “Q” has arrived early!

The “Q” has now been added to the “V” horse and will be available on every Power Page starting right now!

The purpose of the “Q” is to help identify a QUESTIONABLE  Morning-Line FAVORITE.   Actually, we should all question all favorites — all the time — trying our best to bet around the favirite is necessary to winning at horse racing.  Using the favorite in your exactas is usually enough use of them – at least as far as my opinion is concerned…  Here is the really important concept to get on the “Q”, they have an actual REAL KNOCK to overcome.  It could be a bad post or a very competitive race or a highly probably negative speed scenerio that makes the low price questionable right from the get go…   I am always avoiding offering an “opinion” that could influence someone negatively on a horse they like.   So if you see the “Q” – it might simply mean they have the bad outside post on the INNER DIRT track at the 1 MILE distance or it might be that the horse has a difficult 1 Post position going 7 furlongs at Santa Anita or maybe there are 6 horses in a 10 horse race that have a PPN withing 2.0 points of each other…   You should be able to note who has the “Q” and then figure out the WHY!