Sunday’s (1-31-2016) Power Page for Aqueduct and Santa Anita are ready for download…


An Advantage or an Accident?”

As the week began on Thursday the 28th at Santa Anita, we saw what I thought was a distinct Early Speed Bias!  And so for Friday and Saturday’s racing card at SA, I was a little more sensitive to find Early Speed advantages at SA  and PUBLISH THEM.  Please remember, that I do not want to provide “conflicting advantages” – we want to present DISTINCT ADVANTAGES when possible.

Let’s look at the data… The following is a list of each and every horse that races over the Speed Favoring Santa Anita MAIN Track who had an Early Speed Alert — notated by a “1” or a “2” to the left of their name.

Jan 28th

R#3 – Fast MaGoo “1” — won  $4.20

R#6 – Oil — “1” —  SCRATCHED

Jan 29th

R#2 – Dirt In your Face — Show

R#3 – Hill Four Eleven  –“1” — Won  $5.40

R#4 – Bosserette — “1” — Won $12.20

R#9 – Two Ten — “2” — Placed

Jan 30th

R#2 – Parasail — “1” — Won  $5.80

R#3 – Casino Fever — “1” — Won $6.60

R#6 – San Onofre  — “2” —  4th

R#6 – Sunday Rules — “1” — Won  $5.80

R#8 – W. Giles — “1” — Won  $ 8.00

Totals ==  10 total with either a “1” or “2”   Total Winners = 7 ,  1 place, 1 show, 1 fourth place finish.

The ROI on this little run was $48.00 won at a cost of $20.00 or an ROI of 2.4/$1.00 wagered…  But more important, this gave a great “alert” to find solid KEY HORSES to cash on 8 possible exactas… out of 10 plays…

The reason for only listing Santa Anita  is because that’s where the obvious Early Speed Bias was happening.  Turf racing was not included in this case, because the obvious bias was on the main Track.

Most important, what we like to do, when we get the chance, is match up our advantages with advantages…  Finding the best Early Speed horses on a track that is strongly favoring Early Speed is a perfect example of matching an advantage to an advantage…  This is no Accident, this is an example of a DISTINCT ADVANTAGE!

Bias report for Saturday…

Aqueduct:  We are starting to see a return to a fast Inside and Early Speed was okay, I would just say, slight edge to inside runners.

Santa Anita:  One more time, big advantage to Early Speed and Inside, about the same as Friday, less severe than Thursday.

Race Day Plays for Saturday: (3 plays today)

Aqueduct: Race #8 —  Picozza… off at 7/1 — well placed early on, but did not quicken when it was needed… Finish midpack.

Santa Anita :  Race #2— Parasail , off at a 9/5,  On the engine, dispatched her field to WIN going away…paying $5.80 for the WIN. The exacta with our long-shot came in paying  $22.80/1.

Santa Anita :  Race #9— Boozer , off at a 10/1, raced from off the pace today, not his style, in what I would call a horrible ride.  However, the winner was very good and might have been able to do more.   Boozer held the show in a decent effort.

ROI = 1.04      Total Plays = 36,   —-  wins = 8,  —–  place = 5,  —–  Total exacta 8/36

Total return $75.20

Total Cost    $72.00