Sunday’s (1

Life Is Good, took a potentially exciting race and turned it into a walkover! He raced all by himself after the first 50 yards, opened up, and cruised to victory! Knicks Go was no match, but to my eye, Knicks Go wasn’t as sharp as he has been in other races. He showed enough class to manage a non-threatening 2nd place finish.

This colt has shown me a few races that make me think of Great racers, not simply very good racers… Knicks Go is certainly a very good racehorse, but I am starting to think that Life Is Good might well be a GREAT RACEHORSE.


Gulfstream Park — Power Page Classic – ONLY

Santa Anita — Power Page Classic & The JJ Power Page-PLUS

As my Mom would say, “there is nothing more exciting than watching my $2 bucks run!”

Stay with Jerry and Stay with the Power Page…