Sunday’s (2-7-2021) Power Page and PLUS for Santa Anita & The Power Page for Gulfstream Park are ready for download…

Candy Man Rocket revealed at Tampa Bay…

The Sam Davis showcased Candy Man Rocket a 3-year old contender for the Triple Crown from Bill Mott. He raced wide into the opening turn while taking on the pace, then simply outclassed everyone.

What I noticed was an imposing scope and height, which makes me think this colt has great potential development ahead of him. It’s entirely important to also note, that Tampa Bay has not been a productive route to the KD on the first Saturday in May… So I will demand to see much more and at other tracks before I get to strong in my support.

But for the moment, I liked what I saw…

On the West Coast the most talked about horse in the game get’s his first start tomorrow at Santa Anita… That would be Bezos! I just want to remind everyone, that Secretariat lost in his first race… and I can wonder out loud, was there ever a better horse than Secretariat. More important, I would be glad to make a sizeable wager that Bezos is not as good as Secretariat! Now of course, this colt, Bezos is a danger in the 5th at Santa Anita, but there are surely others that are better bets!


Gulfstream Park — Power Page Classic only!

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As my Mom would say, “there is nothing as exciting as watching your 2 bucks run!”

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