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We are finally posted and ready for Sunday racing…

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry J had tickets to see Harry Connick Jr and it’s only for that reason that I am late in posting… Hey it is Saturday night and occasionally we have to “party hardy”.  Harry was truly great and now I am back to biz!

Fountain of Youth produces a dramatic win and loss!

Ete Indien looked like a “killer” in a powerful front end performance, by a horse that likes to race.  On the other-hand, Dennis’ Moment raced like a horse that has serious negative issues.  When he’s all by himself, cruising along in 12 second licks, everyone is going “WHOW”.  Then when he steps in the Starting Gate, everyone is left scratching their heads, and the words that come out are “What was that”, said with disgust and disdain.

While Ete Indien is a colt that is starting to blossom.  Dennis’ Moment seems to be either sour, or hurting in some way, that comes out in competition.  His trainer is a good one, he’s experienced and knowledgeable… sometimes these things are simply difficult to find or see.  This leads me to my next point, which is the point I made in my low PPN for him, that I made on the radio show this morning and did so in print – this horse doesn’t deserve favorite status and should be bet against!  And just for the record, this is the 2nd time I made this exact statement… I did it when they faced the starter in the BC Juvy… with the same result!  His form now is simply – 2 good races  (not great) and 3 races that he simply “didn’t race!”  At this point, there is nothing to be said… except, I hope Dale Roman can figure this guy out… or they retire him if they cannot!

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