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The Arkansas Derby… a dud!

Certainly, my expectation that Concert Tour would just run over a bunch of horses, who have shown less ability than I have ever seen in a major Prep race in the 44 years I have been playing horses. I think that assessment is perfect correct – even after seeing Concert Tour shorten his stride just when he was going to blow bye them at the top of the lane.

Since I knew Concert Tour would be bet to 1/2, I was only interested in a minor way, because this would not be a betting affair for me. Why would I ( or anyone ) bet a horse that is 1 to 2 – ODDS ON in a big way? I ask why again, because I am always astounded when the horse get’s bet down to 2/5.

But wait, 2/5 wasn’t low enough for this crowd, they needed and had to take their cash and bet Concert Tour down to 1/5! I ask, who looked at 2/5 and said to themselves, ” this is an overlay and I have to get down!”

Again I ask WHO????

Clearly, something went wrong with Concert Tour, he might have had a pulmonary problem or some other that made him go into the “struggle” gear – instead of the overdrive gear. The only excuse I give him, is he went a little wrong… not the speed duel, not anything else. He was much the best coming into the race… and a big disappointment coming out!

It’s part of horse racing…


Aqueduct — Power Page Classic and THE PLUS!

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As my Mom would say, “there is nothing more exciting than watching my $2 bucks run!”

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