Sunday’s (4-22-2012) Power Page and KHSS for Aqueduct and Santa Anita are now ready for download…

Star Horses crushed on Saturday headed by the super-long-shot winner SMOOTH AS USUAL in Santa Anita’s 3rd.  SMOOTH paid a very smooth, $93.20 for a little $2.00 wager, a very nice 45/1 odds.  No just remember when you check the totals below, that because I total using a win/place method, that while the horse paid $93.20 to win, I will only get credit for $59.30 in our totals.  Still, the totals are absolutely impressive and to my knowledge, not matched anywhere!

Saturday’s Race Day Las Vegas plays were 2 winner and 1 loser.  The winners at Aqueduct were Dodging ($5.90) and The Lumber Guy ($6.50), impressive from down on the rail out of the 1 mile chute – they made him run, but he really did dust ’em.  The total now is at $335.60 in winnings at a cost of wagering of $324.00.   A positive day that may show the upswing is coming soon. An upswing is always what we are trying to head toward, so it’s imperative that we stay positive and I HAVE!     The ROI pushes up to an ROI $1.04 per $1.00 wagered.

The point is simple real advantages must be calculated over the long run, both good and not good and difficult close calls.  They all have to be added up.  Now remember, I don’t use my STAR horses, which are my better plays on Race Day, I save them for my paying customers and  clientele that visit Stations Casinos, The Rampart and other “sponsored” distribution locations.  Seems fair, but it does make it much harder on me.   Here is what I am talking about.

STAR horse went nuts on Saturday, pushing the total from  from 4/11/2012 through 4/21/2012 (yesterday), the STAR horses on the Power Page have returned a total of $194.65 at a cost of $116.00 the ROI is a scorching  $1.68 per $1.00 wagered.  This is using the win/place scoring system that turns horses with odds of over 3.80/1 from a $2.00 win wager to a $1.00 win and $1.00 place wager.  This makes it much harder, because this approach de-premiums my longer priced plays.  But that’s okay, because I do advocate a win/place wagering system using the exotic pool.  So we have to judge accordingly.