Sunday’s (4-7-2024) Power Page and PLUS for Aqueduct & Santa Anita are ready for download…

The Power Page and PLUS are designed to assist you with your handicapping or to mesh with your favorite tip sheet. The object is not just to find a winner, but to find winners with a value proposition that benefits you, my longest customer’s always tell me of longshots they played or used that were 3rd or 4th rated horse or one of my STAR horses or other alerts.

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There can only be little doubt – it’s Sierra Leone and Fierceness getting ready to face off in the Kentucky Derby.

The Wood appears to be a total dud of a race and it must be 20 years or more since it’s produced a Kentucky Derby contender. The two best looking prospects Deterministic and Tuscan Sky were only good looking if we could see future improvement… we saw the opposite! Then came the Bluegrass with an expectation of seeing a strong finish with Sierra Leone and Dornach. Well Dornoch joined Sierra Leone at the 3/16 pole after sitting a perfect trip in the cat-birds seat… and stayed with him for maybe 2 strides and then said NO… a very loud NO… Dornach said in plain English, “No I dont want any part of Sierra Leone, he’s stride is beyond my ability!” Sierra Leone had a difficult trip, losing ground all the way, which is probably always going to happen with him, but he seems to have no problem running the wide line and defeating those who appear to have an advantage. He’s a brute of a horse… he now should be getting ready to face another brute of a horse in Fierceness in the Kentucky Derby.

I will discuss the Santa Anita Derby, but I don’t think their is any competition coming from Stronghold.


Aqueduct — Power Page Classic and The PLUS

Santa Anita — Power Page Classic and The PLUS

As my Mom would say, “There is nothing more exciting than watching my $2 bucks run!”