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Tax wins Jim Dandy…

Tax beat Tacitus in the Jim Dandy.  Yesterday’s article pointed toward that thinking and when you got your JJPP-PLUS, you could see he was my Featured Play.  And he won at a 5/1 beating Tacitus who went off at 3/2.  Clearly and excellent price.  And it would be poor form, if we didn’t state that Tax won well, running a very decent race – as did Tacitus.  Both were clear of the 3rd horse Global Campaign by several lengths.

Part of the analysis was that Tacitus was the better horse, but had been trained to win the Belmont and that effort, combined with the stamina building regiment made Tacitus a vulnerable favorite.  I am sure, if you didn’t see the race, you would say my analysis was absolute perfection.  But if you saw the race, then you know, it may not have been so perfect, but the result might have been a little lucky.  Tacitus broke to his knees and lost a couple of lengths right from the get go.  Had he broke in stride, he would have forced Tax to run at least 2 lengths faster.  And to be honest, I don’t know about that at all.

But here is the point, it’s a good thing to take price and be okay with getting a little lucky. Luck is part of our game, no matter how we try to think that’s not the case.  We are well rewarded by price when we get a little lucky.

But no matter what, Tax and Tacitus both ran Jim Dandy races…

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