Sunday’s (8-19-2018) Power Page and PLUS for Saratoga and Del Mar are ready for download…

Weather at Saratoga:

Saturday was a beautiful day at Saratoga and the forecast for Sunday and Monday is fab!   So we should start getting into a nice groove.  Also, it’s quite amazing how the main track at Saratoga seems to shed water the way a duck lets water roll off it’s back.  Simply amazing how it turns FAST so fast.  I remember well, when it was a MUD PIE for more than a day or two…Bravo to the track crew.

Ride of the Day (Century):

Flavian Prat made an early (premature) move in the 6th at Del Mar yesterday and caught everyone with their heads down.  While stuck with a difficult 12 post position, he was well back and holding plenty, when he decided with 5 or 6 furlong left to raise his hands and ask his Fashion Business to be all business.  In an electrifying move, he moved from nearly the back marker all the way to the front and open up 5 lengths before anyone knew what was happening.  Now normally, these types of move are made by the horse with a weak jockey, because everyone knows these early moves end up in disaster… but in the hands of Flavian Prat this “mensa like move”, was the right move.  Winning well by many open lengths and really – never in doubt (at least once he asked his horse)!

You JJPPs are ready right now, so

Stay with the Power Pages………..