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Satruday, April 24, 2010

Kentucky Derby Seminar

I will be at Fiesta Rancho on Thursday afternoon – 4/29  – for a meet and greet –VIP luncheon.  We will be discussing the KD in depth.  

To qualify for the “Fiesta-VIP-Luncheon” , sign up for an Amigo Card, play before 4/27 and meet with a supervisor to get your invite”.

Hollywood Park…Race #5  I have often mentioned this handicapping angle — up the ladder.  When a top trainer wins with a claiming horse and pushes that horse up to the next level, it’s often a good opportunity to follow the trainer’s move up the claiming ladder (I’ve had a horse win 7 times in a row on the angle that horse was Paul’s Hero for Stanley Shapoff) .  In today’s 5th race, Silent Stalk fits that definition to a perfect T.  In this case the trainer is the fabulous Julio Canani, Julio brought Silent Stalk back for 20,000 claming and won brilliantly March 25th – this followed a freshing from January 1.  Julio’s next move is a 29 day break (I like nice breaks in filly’s racing schedules, so this is also very appealling) until today’s race and the class level is up 1 notch to 22,500.  Interestingly, on a seperate note, this horse falls in th top 3 ratings on the Power Page and she is also assigned a STAR.  I don’t reveal the reason for the STAR but I will tell you it has nothing to do with the above mentioned handicapping angle.  So the STAR and the handicapping angle of  “up-the-ladder”  confirm each other (its not doubly powerful, just a confirmation).  The reason for this is the STAR suggests TOP-FORM  (or FORWARD-GOING-Form-Cycle) horse and the up move in class by the trainer suggests that the trainer-Canani might feel this filly  is in TOP-FORM. 

Additionally, there are tow other interesting distaff racers in this race, River Glow and Carnival Queen.  So it might be reasonable to make an exacta box first and then Key Silent Stalk with the other two.  I am also thinking it might make some sense to take the 3 distaff-racers mentioned in the 5th race, with Alphie’s Bet in the 6th race and then my TOP-RATED horse in the 7th race (Race Day las Vegas Play) for a PICK-3 wager…  Good Luck

Bonus Plays for New York & Hollywood  will be  e-mailed up until 11AM PT…