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NYQUIST is a Giant!

I am absolutely speechless and quite frankly feeling goose-bumps as I reviewed the form on Nyquist, in his scintillating return go the races on Monday.

Just let’s set the scene, going 7 furlongs, he was breaking from the dreaded #1 post.  So he had to break alertly to get position, as everyone knows the rail horse is at a disadvantage to the outside posts. When racing from the sprint chutes,  the horses on the outside get to run downhill a little longer due to the chute comes over the crown of the track, this moves the advantage away from the inside post position in the early running – which can be KEY.

So here is what happened, he broke alertly — rushed up to the front —  to make certain he didn’t get himself shuffled back, and then just ran them off their feet in an electrifying 1:20.71.   This colt seemed to have no trouble in repulsing Exaggerator as if he was the little kid from down the block – after doing all the running from the flag fall to the finish.

When I looked back at his running lines, he seems to attend every pace war as if he’s laughing at the opposition.  He just gallops along near the front runner, and then runs faster than everyone else to the finish.  The only time he was further back that 2nd in the early running, was in the BC, when he had serious trouble in the early running, so he just took back, gathered himself, and then took off at the top of the stretch to kick their butts!

When you look at his internals he runs fast one time then not so fast another time, but always fast enough to be in attendance to the leaders, and when they turn for home – he asserts is prodigious superiority…. This is a MONSTER

Bias report for Saturday…

Aqueduct:    Cancelled due to cold weather

Santa Anita:  Seemed a little speed favoring early and HONEST as the day progressed… let’s call it Honest.

Bias Report for Sunday:

Aqueduct:    Cancelled due to cold weather

Santa Anita:  Inside favoring, speed was good as well

Bias Report for Monday:

Aqueduct:    Most winner’s touched the inside for all or part of the race, let’s call it INSIDE and Honest…

Santa Anita:  Inside favoring, speed was good as well – again!

Race Day Plays from Saturday:

Santa Anita: Race #4—   Blushing Angel … broke sharply, then taken back to trail the field, ran a little on the turn, finished 4th…

Santa Anita :  Race #5— Wife Approved, off at a 3/1 , showed good early speed, battle on the front then tired to a 4th place finish…  

Race Day Plays form Sunday:

Santa Anita: Race #2  — Rim Nick , off at 3/1 challenged throughout, tired in the lane for 4th…  Okay effort…

Santa Anita: Race #4 — Hail Mary Play, off at 2.4/1, ran on the outside, maybe against the bias, finished okay for the PLACE…  Exacta win at 13.80/1

ROI = .91      Total Plays = 54,   —-  wins = 12,  —–  place = 7,  —–  Total exacta 11/54

Total return $98.40

Total Cost    $108.00