Thursday’s (1-12-2012) Power Page and KHSS for Aqueduct and Santa Anita are now available for download…

The Layoff Horse and the Power Page

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Wednesday’s races at Aqueduct might present a bit of confusion to the handicapper who believes in BIAS, as I do.   We have seen a long period in which horses on the rail or 2 path seemed to have a huge advantage over the horse running further from the rail.  On Sunday that track  profile seemed to change some and Wednesday was another day in which having the inside wasn’t a huge advantage.  But being on the rail wasn’t a negative on Wednesday either, in fact it was fine.   If you had a good run in you, and you were on the rail, you did just fine — what you didn’t get was to horses to the outside floundering.   Wednesday’s track was clearly and simply an honest track — mark up a big ole’ H to you comment line on today’s racing at the Big A….