Thursday’s (3-15-2012) Power Page and KHSS for Aqueduct and Santa Anita are now ready for download…

The  current ROI for my Race Day Las Vegas picks for the entire year of 2012 is now sitting at $1.08 per $1.00 wagered.  The total number of selections is at 108 after two selections with one selections scratching on the way to post.  On a $2.00 wagered, if you had played very selection to win, you would have bet a total of $216.00 and the total return would have been $234.20.   Considering this is done before I have an opportunity to actually look at the tote board, or have a chance to evaluate a “track bias” or sense any change in the weather — is actually a very serious accomplishment.   At one time, I tracked a wide number of  ”selections sheets” to see if any of these handicappers  could BREAK-EVEN on their Best Bets.   Nope, I never saw that happen, occasionally, I would find someone how would achieve a small profit for a short time, but as the size of the sample grew, the  they would fall back down into the negative.     On February 3rd, my ROI was up at $1.29 per $1.00 wagered and it fell down to $1.04 per $1.00 on 3/7/2012, but then rallied with 5 winners in my last 8 plays to boost the ROI to $1.09 per $1.00 wagered.  It’s part talent and it’s part information.   I have great information in the Power Page, so I could rally when under pressure.

So why do I go through this and why the big explanation?  The answer is really simply, I ask you to use my product to “try” to win them, if follows that I should be able to demonstrate the Power Page is a product that can actually can do for you “something good”.  On Wednesday, we had 5 Star horses, 3 of which won.  

I was in the supermarket, and there was a salesperson hawking a “sharp knife”.   The salesperson, cut into a Steele hammer and then into a wood board and then sliced up some tomatoes as if she had just sharpened the knife, not try a dull it!  Good for them, I think that is the right way to do things!  This is why,  I am asking everyone to use the Power Page —  because I know for a fact it’s a great place to start your handicapping and I can actually demonstrate that I CAN WIN using the Power Page!  Maybe you can too.   Is there anyone else — doing it and proving it?