Thursday’s (7-21-2016) Power Page and PLUS for Del Mar are ready for download…

Wednesday ‘s play of the day was our TOP RATED (on JJPP-PLUS) & ONLY STAR horse on the entire card (on JJPP-Classic) ,  Why Two , a prompt winner at $29.20 and over $15.00 to place…  this to go with our amazing Sunday…

What a day on Sunday… The TOP RATED horses won 12 of the 20 races conducted at Belmont and Del Mar…

With my approach, when it’s our turn to win, we simply do not miss —

no zig — no zag!

The Summer Special

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Both Del Mar and  Saratoga

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3) The price for the JJPP-Classic is $120.00 per track and for the new JJPP-PLUS is $180.00 per track

That comes out to just $3.00 per day/per track… for the Classic and $4.50 per day/per track for the new PLUS

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Getting ready for Saratoga… come back tomorrow…

Bias report

Belmont on Sunday (7-17)…  Main Track -Honest… once again……  Turf course was honest.

Del Mar on Thursday (7-21)…  Everything is playing honestly …

Race Day Play from  Sunday

Del Mar Race #5 Entrechat  off at  3/1 ran to the form (and STAR) I saw – awesome!  paying $8.60. (from Sunday)

Race Day Play from  Wednesday

Del Mar Race #1    Zealous Tale  off at ODDS-ON…. ran 3rd…

Del Mar  Race #5  Why Two…  Winner paying $29.20

Total…  Total Winnings  $ 544.40

Total  Cost          $ 484.00

ROI 1.12