Thursday’s (8-2-2018) Power Page and PLUS for Saratoga and Del Mar are ready for download…

Hofburg was scintillating at Saratoga posting a final fig about equal to Good Magic’s fig in the Haskell.  Now – just settle down – we all know that the two races were very different and the FIGS probably mean something different – because they are really part of the personal form cycle of each horse… So if one horse is moving forward off the fig and the other is moving backward off the same/similar fig, we have two completely different outcomes – even with comparable figs.

However, in this case, both horses have an attractive look, appearing to be getting better.  IN fact Hofburg a very improved internal 4 furlong and 6 furlong figure, which in the case of a developing colt, forecast out as a positive.  Hofburg is more developmental than Good Magic as Good Magic has already run the huge effort in the KD which dwarfs all the figures run to date by Hofburg, Tenfold, Vino Rosso and all the others, with the exception of the elite of this class – Justify, McKinzie, Bolt D’oro and Audible.  But all of these colts develop at different times which is unique to each of them.

Hofburg has a real chance to step up to the Elite status at this time, but it’s simply depends on his continuing to improve – which is very possible.

Now for a little Vino Rosso discussion.  He was simply dull in his Saratoga debut.  He could still be reacting to his big try in the Belmont or he might simply not like Saratoga.  He did plug on home as best he could and did give it some try, but I didn’t really know what to think.  But then the FINAL FIG came in at 74.3 which just was disappointing!  And while Tenfold was winning the Jim Dandy, his final fig was the same – 74.3 (remember we make allowance for weight and Vino Rosso carried 4 more pounds and the finish was actually pretty close).  Tenfold has now plateaued in his form with each race hitting in a narrow range right around 74.3 and only doing better when in the SLOPPY condition at Pimlico for the Preakness.

So Tenfold is kinda interesting in this respect… he isn’t developing while in one of the most developmental times of a colts life. So that isn’t great.  But I have seen this type suddenly get much better – as if a lightbulb were to just flip on!  But more times than not, this look of putting in the same effort time and again, when the horse should be able to show improvement is not a very good sign at all.  One small positive in Tenfolds line is his elevated 4 furlong pace number, which might be a signal the horse is starting to get it…  so I will be really interested in seeing the outcome (talking SPEED FIGS) next time for Tenfold.

That’s it for tonight… Hope you all appreciated how terrific this crop of colts is… plenty more to follow…