To all our great Heros — The ones who have gained our Liberty and Preserved it — Thank You..

Sunday  May 31, 2010

 Resulting Free Plays:  the last 6 plays  have produce 4 winner and 2 place…pretty-pretty good!

Saturday’s Free Play; Hollywood’s – Race #5…  Bad Boy –a WINNER —  but like many overwhelming form horses they are underwhelming in the win-price.  This was as advertised a decent single in Pick-3 to Pick-6 plays.

Sunday’s Free Play; Hiho Geronimo romped home a nice $9.40 winner.

Thursday’s Free Play; Cayambe was a beautiful OVERLAY winner at 9/1, paying $21.60, fight thehard fight to find value!

Friday’s Free Play; Costa Marta ran great but only managed 2nd.  Anima (te protected one) dropped down to win at 4/5…

Saturday’s Free Play; Twirling Candy showed more than expected on the track and at the window.   A low price of $4.20 inhibited the betting on my part, but after watching the run, it was easy to see why.  My job is to harvest overlay but it was easy to admire the quality of this horse, let’s see how Twirling Candy develops… Also, it’s nice to see the handicapping was right-on even though the price was too low to use other than in some small PICK-3…

Sunday’s Free Play; EASY ASHLEY ran 2nd, cashing to one of my exotic turns – A Clever Ten, the exacta paid 13.60 /1

Today’s Free Play:  In the final race of the day, Songfoya represents a very interesting play at 5/1.  Racing down on the inside  the entire trip, now moving to the outside and turning back in distance to a more suitable 6F from 7F  makes this a good looking play at 5/1.  Sometimes it’s that simply when you combine it with a highly rated PPN from the Power Page and a decent morning -line from the racing program.  I iwll make thsi a decent win or win/place wager and then play some exactas using Nostalgic Bid, Greely’s Ghost, Zilarator and the super long-shot Sonofablur with the “fake jockey’…Good Luck…