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41/1 DQ’s for no reason…

The JJPP players were rewarded for their support on Sunday with a blazing victory by Crystalle in the 4th at Saratoga.  Crystalle went off at a fantastic 41/1!  He waited at the back of the pack, started a rally on the turn, picking up horses pretty quickly, turned for home with several lengths to make up, then exploded to score by OPEN LENGTHS… He went by the leaders so fast, that his WIND blew them slightly and caused them to wobble in the late stretch.  Crystalle went on to win by about 5 lengths, but his sensational effort was all for nothing… Nada… ZERO…. as the stewards decided to take him down.

Every one saw him come in slightly as he was going by the leaders in a blurr… and everyone (except the stewards) could see he was clear when he came in slightly…  I have seen that over and over and over and over and over again in my 40 years of handicapping and playing horses… this was only the 2nd time I have seen this type of DQ… and it burns so bad that I can tell you the name of the filly that I bet on 40 years ago, that was DQ in the same senseless and idiotic way… Adele Sue !  I know nobody will no who Adele Sue is… but there is a scar for Adele Sue and now there is a scar for Crystalle, but at 41/1, Crystalle’s scar comes from a much deeper cut!

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